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Dive into these Max Payne 3 pre-order deals

Submitted by on Tuesday, 24 April 2012No Comment

Max Payne 3 hits US retailers on 15 May 2012 and the UK three days later. That’s only three weeks away, and you can probably cut the excitement we have for Rockstar Games’ return to bullet time with a knife.

Whether you’ve thought about pre-ordering Max Payne 3 or not, some of these deals are tough to resist. Many online retailers grant exclusive early map packs to their customers. One pre-order deal may even surprise you.

So the real question is, who has the better deal. It comes down to just one of two things: are you buying for the multiplayer or for the movie quality storyline?

Pre-order the standard edition and receive a $10 video game credit good toward your next video game purchase. You’ll also receive a voucher code granting access to the Deadly Force Burst, increasing bullet damage in multiplayer.

Pre-order the standard edition and receive a voucher code to download the original Max Payne.


Get an additional 30% trade-in credit when applied to the pre-order of Max Payne 3, in stores only.

Pre-order the standard edition or the special edition and receive exclusive early access to the Cemetery Multiplayer Map. PowerUp Rewards members also receive the Silent Killer Multiplayer Map Pack.

Cemetery Multiplayer Map: The final resting place of Max’s young wife and daughter, Cemetery represents the tragic past Max cannot forget. With a wintry New York City skyline, sniping positions amongst the monuments, destructible tombstones, circular fighting arenas in a rotunda garden and a looming mausoleum, Cemetery makes a fitting final home for your enemies.

Best Buy

Pre-order the standard edition or the special edition and receive DLC #1. Furthermore, Reward Zone Gamer Club members get “up to” a $20 Best Buy gift card.


Pre-order the standard edition and receive the exclusive Cemetery Multiplayer Map.

Tell us which pre-order deal you think is sweetest in the comments below…