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Beginner’s tips to conquering PGA Tour’s Tiger Legacy Challenge

Submitted by on Saturday, 21 April 2012No Comment

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 has been out since the end of March and contains substantial improvements over Tiger’s past few iterations. Most significant is the addition of the Tiger Legacy Challenge, which lets you reenact Tiger’s most memorable golfing moments.

The mode takes you through 53 challenges, spanning 41 years of Tiger’s past, present and future. You play as toddler Tiger during the Toddler Years and progress all the way up to Future Tiger in 2019.

Since it’s the newest mode, you may find yourself tackling this before grinding through the career for that illustrious green jacket. So we’ve got some tips here to help you get under par. You wouldn’t want to spoil Tiger’s rep. Would you?

First, take some time to understand the controls. While playing with PS Move is a lot of fun and really demonstrates how perfectly suited 1-to-1 controls are for a golf game, we’re going to focus on turning you into a golf pro with your DualShock from the comfort of your favourite couch.

The analog sticks

Learn to use the left analog stick in a straight back-forward motion without jetting to either side. This will guarantee the club is swung straight through the ball and will hit the designated target. Any variation in this motion appears in the swing meter, allowing you to make the proper adjustments to how you manipulate the stick.

Ask Caddie (from the fairway)

Press Triangle to ask the caddie how to hit the ball before you take each shot. A menu drops down from the player’s ticker at the top left of the screen. Here is where the caddie will advise on which club to use, where to position the cursor for aiming your shot and how to set your player’s stance.

Toggle through the clubs using L2/R2 and press up/down/left/right on the directional buttons to set your aim marker. Press up/down on the right analog stick to add or remove loft from the club head and left/right on the right analog stick to close or open your stance. Once you’ve worked through the caddie’s list of demands, a checkmark will appear next to each item.

Ask Caddie (from the green while putting)

Press Triangle before entering the putting stance to ask the caddie where you should be aiming your putt. This time, a spinning white circle appears on the green indicating where you should place the aiming icon. Place the icon in the middle of the circle and make whatever alterations you feel are necessary before using the next tip. Press up on the left analog stick to take a closer look at your marker.

Putt Preview

Once you’ve set your aim and determined your best putting line, you should now be free to use the Putt Preview by pressing L1. It’s important to do this after you’ve come to your own conclusion on what’s the best line, because once you use the Putt Preview, any change you try to make will wipe the preview line away. And you can’t use Putt Preview again until after you find out you’ve missed the cup by miles.


Pay attention to the objectives for each Tiger Legacy Challenge. If you forget them, just press START and select Scorecard. From here, you can see what you’re supposed to accomplish and your current score.

Everything about this game is trial and error until you learn how to read all of the elements, like wind and terrain, and how to swing efficiently. This is exactly the case when aiming for the “No Handouts Please” trophy during the Toddler Years.

The game lets you take multiple swings until you either pass or fail the challenge. Use these swings instead of restarting the challenge. It will help you by allowing you to exercise all these tips. You should also note that while the caddie usually points you in the right direction, more often than not you will overshoot the hole and have a long putt to make.

Playing as the various younger Tigers is a welcome change of pace and could help break up the monotony of career mode. It’s good fun, and if you keep the above tips in mind, you’ll do just fine.