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WipEout 2048: 5 tips to beat Zico | gold trophy

Submitted by on Monday, 9 April 20123 Comments

WipEout 2048 logoGetting the WipEout 2048 gold trophy Beat Zico is hard, but did you think Studio Liverpool would give you that lovely piece of polished digital metal for nothing? No. You need to put in the graft.  We can’t do it for you but we think the following five tips will help you get over the line in under 52s.

First of all, before you end up wasting an hour, make sure you’re following the rules.

  • Race: Altima, C Class, Speed Lap
  • Ship: Pir-Hana Speed
  • Objective: finish your lap in under 52s

Know the route

It’s obvious you should familiarise yourself with the track so you can easily prepare for oncoming corners. Less obvious, however, is knowing which route you should be taking. The choices you make here will determine whether or not you complete this challenge.

WipEout 2048 Altima

Save time by taking the left route

Near the beginning and end of the race, you are given a choice of which route you should take. The entrance to the first alternative route is after the third corner. You need to exit the wide bend on the inside. It’s not the ideal racing line and it’s tricky to nail, but the benefits of going this way outweigh the risks. The route allows you to cut most of the corner and offers a speed pad and a chance to perform a barrel roll.

The second alternative route is in the tunnel near the end of the race. Rather than heading around the long bend, you can head straight through the narrow passage. It’s dark and difficult to get through unscathed but it will save you valuable time.

WipEout 2048 Altima

Don't be afraid of the dark passage

Master side shifts

Fans of WipEout HD on the PS3 know how important side shifts are for getting you out of trouble. They’re still incredibly important for WipEout 2048.

They’re important because they allow you to make sharp adjustments to your racing line while entering or exiting corners without sacrificing your speed. Entering the first alternative route on Altima is very difficult without using them. They’re equally useful for getting through the narrow passage for the second alternative route.

Side shifts are performed by quickly double pressing on the airbrakes. Make sure you’re using a decent control set-up, such as the classic WipEout set-up with the air brakes assigned to the shoulder buttons for easy access.

Do barrel rolls

You know how to do a barrel roll, right? In mid-air, you quickly perform either of the following moves: ‘left, right,  left’ or ‘right, left, right’. This spins your craft, triggering a boost on landing. The boost is brief but it is enough to save precious seconds.

There are at least three areas where you can land a barrel roll. You can perform one as you come out of the first alternative route. It’ll probably take you a while to master this one as it happens quickly. You shouldn’t have any problem, however, performing a barrel roll during the big air point soon after. Just ensure your racing line is fine upon landing. There is another opportunity soon after landing. You can’t miss it. It’s another big ramp.

WipEout 2048 - Altima

Get a barrel roll in here

Use speed pads

If there’s one habit you should develop for WipEout 2048, it’s to always go for the speed pads. You won’t get close to completing this challenge if you ignore them. I landed 19 speed pads when I did this challenge.

  • On the first alternative route
  • On the first bend after coming out the previous turn
  • On the inside of the next turn, before hitting the big jump
  • On landing
  • In the centre of the track, just over the hill before the next set of jumps
  • On the inside of the corner after landing from the ramp
  • Straight after the previous pad
  • On the inside of the corner in the tunnel
  • Immediately after in the centre of the track
  • Immediately after on the inside, hidden by the turn
  • On the left as you come down the hill
  • Straight after
  • On the inside turn about halfway along the winding passage
  • On the inside while coming out of the winding road section
  • Straight after
  • In the tunnel
  • The first of a run of three pads on the final corner
  • The second
  • The last pad before heading towards the finish line

Be persistent and brave

It doesn’t pay to play safe with WipEout 2048. Keep your finger on the accelerator, take the inside racing line and use side shifts to get out of trouble – not your brakes.

You also have to keep faith. I completed the challenge 45m after I narrowly failed by 0.01s. If you’re getting that close, you’re doing something right so keep at it.

Got some tips of your own? Let us know and we’ll add them to the article.