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Battlefield Friends pokes fun at rental server admins

Submitted by on Monday, 28 May 2012One Comment

YouTube has played host, literally, to many very entertaining shows. Battlefield Friends is a relatively new video series aimed to poke a bit of fun at Battlefield 3 online with each of their videos.The newest of which sheds some light on the reality of playing on a privately rented Battlefield 3 server and the admins who play god.

Since the end of March you have been able to rent servers on Battlefield 3. The service will cost you between $2 and $60 depending on how long you’d like to keep the server rented.

As the server admin, you have the ability to change all the game variables as well as the power to boot or ban other players in your server. This comes in handy when used for the right reasons, but like any super power, can be deadly if in the wrong hands.

With a bit of explicit language, the Battlefield Friends videos have managed to poke fun at many of the long standing realities of playing first-person shooters. Mostly having to do with that one guy that seems to always misunderstand the rules of the game.

The series covers topics such as the engineer who thinks he’s actually planting 1000 claymore mines, or the hypocrite who just unlocked the USAS 12-gauge explosive rounds after preaching how much he hates others who use the USAS 12-gauge explosive rounds.

Have you ever run into players like this? We’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments below…