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UK developer Cyanide Studio pedals Pro Cycling Manager 2012 onto the PS3

Submitted by on Thursday, 31 May 2012No Comment

The UK can call itself king of video games now, after Cyanide Studio and Focus Home Interactive have officially announced Pro Cycling Manager 2012 for PS3. The definitive cycling simulation series, say that 10 times fast, has had a couple years of PC experience and the Tour de France 2011 affair on PS3. What new goodies could 2012 provide?

Pro Cycling Manager 2012 brings upgrades over last year’s Tour de France 2011, including high-detailed faithfully rendered bicycle and┬ácharacter models.

Features include several new modes, a new Pro division, new teams for a total of 81, and new competitions. Additionally, Focus Home Interactive has revealed the “new and eagerly awaited” Season Planner.

What would a simulation game be without a mode enabling you to train your team for the upcoming season? Probably not a very good one. Thankfully that is included in the upcoming 2012 iteration.

Multiplayer is described as a persistent universe with a competitive scheduling system. Expect to familiarize yourself with a new card system allowing custom team creation, drafting athletes from modern day champions to legendary cyclists of yore.

Visit the official website to get more information on Pro Cycling Manager 2012 coming to PS3 end of June. Will you pick this up in the UK or wish it was coming to the US? Tell us in the comments section below…