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Dev diary: building Sorcery around PS Move

Submitted by on Monday, 7 May 2012One Comment

Sorcery was originally announced at E3 in 2010. Sony initially hoped for a spring 2011 launch but that date was later changed to autumn 2011, and then spring 2012.

Far from being concerned by these delays, we actually see this as a good sign that the studio is taking its time to ensure that this isn’t just another lazy PS Move title. We’ve had plenty of those already.

A new developer diary from The Worksop also pleasingly reassures us by hitting the right notes. It features artists, engineers, and designers at the studio discussing how they have built Sorcery’s gameplay experiences around PS Move, rather than try to fit the controller around existing ideas. Check it out:

It should also be said that The Workshop are working with Santa Monica Studios, which should ensure a certain level of quality control.

Sorcery is due out in North America on 22 May and in the UK on 25 May. Could this the essential Move game you’ve been waiting for? Let us know your thoughts below…

[Source: PS Blog]