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Disney Interactive asks you to be Brave this Summer

Submitted by on Thursday, 24 May 2012No Comment

In theaters 22 June, Brave is the newest Disney/Pixar tale about Merida, a fiery haired girl in Scotland who chooses to make a bold change in her destiny. The licensed Disney Interactive game will follow the silver screen adventure with the addition of PlayStation Move controller support.

Its important to understand all the details of the movie the licensed video game is based on due to the fact that publishers rarely share the same details about the game. While we know the movie is coming to theaters on 22 June, they don’t exactly mention when the game is coming. If GameStop is any indication, the game will be released on 19 June.

Disney has been pretty successful at bringing licensed games and original family entertainment to the PS3. Disney Universe and Toy Story 3 are a couple of rare gems that offered families quality gameplay and sharp graphics, in a fun multiplayer adventure that is safe for all ages. While Disney’s quality racing games, Split Second and Pure, targeted an older gaming demographic with flashy crashes and online multiplayer.

Brave will contain three modes of play; a singleplayer quest to uncover secrets and break a magical curse, a co-op mode, and Bear mode. Call us intrigued, but Bear mode does sound interesting. The rest of the game sounds a bit like a standard fantasy romp through a movie-skinned platformer.

Run, jump, dodge and climb over the majestic Scottish landscape. Wield a sword or shoot arrows at ferocious enemies, all while listening to the sweet sounding Scottish accent of Merida. Will you be joining the legion of Pixar fans and children at the theater to watch the newest animated heroine take control of her destiny, or playing it three days earlier?