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FFXIII-2: Requiem of the Goddess/Perpetual Battlefield – The PS3 Attitude Review

Submitted by on Monday, 28 May 2012No Comment

Two weeks ago saw the release of the last ever batch of Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC, which included two new story episodes: Lightning’s Requiem of the Goddess and Snow’s Perpetual Battlefield. So, has Square Enix saved the best until last?

Warning: major Final Fantasy XIII-2 spoilers follow.

Lightning: Requiem of the Goddess

Like Sazh’s episode, Heads or Tails?, which was released a few months ago, Requiem of the Goddess is a short story-driven episode of FFXIII-2, which explains more about the actions of one of FFXIII’s main characters who was barely featured in its sequel; in this case, Lightning.

Travel to the new Valhalla node on the Historia Crux, and you’ll be presented with a cutscene depicting the eternal fight between Lightning and Caius. All of a sudden, the former has a vision of her sister Serah’s death, which ticks her off quite a bit (although that’s a bit of an understatement).

Requiem of the Goddess consists of two battles, one against Caius and another against Chaos Bahamut, and features a slightly altered version of the FFXIII-2 combat system. Firstly, there’s no Medic role, so Lightning has to rely on limited items to heal, and other roles have been renamed.

The episode also features an interesting levelling structure; Lightning begins at level 1, and gains Crystogen Points whether she wins or loses a battle. This is a very good thing, because despite her outrageously high base stats, most players will struggle to make much progress at low levels.

Conversely, once you reach level 10, defeating the two opponents becomes a mere triviality; however, higher levels also mean lower scores. Assuming the desired level is unlocked, you can manually set Lightning’s rank, and therefore play at whatever difficulty you feel comfortable with.

As a bonus, you can even unlock the FFXIII-2 version of Lightning for use in the main game, if you earn 5 stars in the battle against Chaos Bahamut. At max rank, Lightning is one of the most powerful Commandos in the game, and would be a valuable addition to any party.

Despite its short length, Requiem of the Goddess is still enjoyable for Lightning fans, even if it doesn’t really answer many questions. That being said, the secret ending after the credits somewhat makes up for this, and keeps hopes for FFXIII-3 very much alive.

Snow: Perpetual Battlefield

Perpetual Battlefield is slightly misleading, as unlike the other story episodes, you don’t actually get to play as the character it is mainly about. Instead, this episode is in fact a continuation of the Coliseum story, and brings that overarching narrative to a close.

Don’t let that disappoint you too much though, because FFXIII-2 fans will almost certainly still appreciate it nevertheless. The episode begins with an epic cutscene reintroducing all the previous Coliseum opponents, along with Snow, who travelled there in order to test himself.

It’s not long before Serah and Noel join the fray, and the tournament can begin. Approach the Arbiter of Time and a new Coliseum challenge against Snow appears. In a cutscene, Serah explains to her fiancé that she wants to show him how strong she’s become; and the fight is on.

As with all of the previous Coliseum battles, a high-level party is a must to have even a chance at winning. Snow has a whopping 9,999,999HP (the same as Gilgamesh), so that should give an idea of the difficulty; it actually makes most of the other Coliseum fights look easy!

Once Snow is eventually defeated, Serah and Noel are attacked by the Arbiter of Time himself, otherwise known as Valfodr, who is mentioned in one of Mog’s Datalog entries in the main game, and is widely regarded as the most powerful warrior in the Void Beyond.

Both Snow and Valfodr are tameable, and can therefore be added to your main FFXIII-2 battle party (that is, if you are lucky enough to obtain their crystals). Valfodr can also be fought again after Perpetual Battlefield is over, and, interestingly, gets stronger every time you fight him.

As with Requiem of the Goddess, if you were hoping for answers in Perpetual Battlefield, then you’re going to be disappointed. However, Snow and Valfodr are two of the toughest opponents in the whole of FFXIII-2, so the episode is definitely worth a download by FFXIII-2 fans up for a challenge.