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Fighting and rhythm genres collide in Zen Studios’ KickBeat

Submitted by on Wednesday, 23 May 20122 Comments

Zen Studios has officially revealed their latest game project and no, it’s not another pinball title. KickBeat, as the name suggests, blends martial arts fighting with the music rhythm genre to create something entirely different and will be coming exclusively to the PS Vita later this year.

While still following the traditional button matching gameplay mechanics of the music game genre, KickBeat eliminates the bars, arrows, and icons. Instead, players take control of a customizable fighter and battle incoming opponents in an arena using a variety of kicks, punches, and spin moves. You do this all the while flowing to the rhythm of Papa Roach, Celldweller, Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, and many more. KickBeat will feature 18 tracks, mostly from the drum & bass, rock, and hip-hop genres that will fit well within the fighting theme of the game.

Gameplay involves pressing the directional pad or corresponding face buttons in the direction of the oncoming enemies. You can also utilize the Vita’s touchscreen to tap the region the enemy is in. Mastering the art of music kung-fu will require you to press both directional and face buttons simultaneously, as more than one enemy will be rushing in to attack at once.

Sounds like an interesting mesh of genres and coming from the fine folks at Zen Studios, we believe KickBeat will be a welcomed addition to the PS Vita family. What do you think?