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Oh my gods! God of War: Ascension gets multiplayer

Submitted by on Tuesday, 1 May 2012One Comment

God of War: Ascension multiplayer cyclops

Kratos has been a lone warrior so far in his God of War adventures, but this is about to change because the next game, Ascension, will have full-on multiplayer. The news was confirmed today by Sony and Santa Monica Studios.

Game director Todd Papy told Jeff Rubenstein, presenter on PlayStation Blog US, that the studio still wants to go “bigger, better” for Ascension, but they also want to “freshen up the gameplay and make sure the game feels new and approaches a bigger audience.” That’s where multiplayer comes in.

The multiplayer will be large in scale, have plenty of scope, feature familiar combo-based gameplay and trademark brutal kills. It can also handle between two-eight players online.

It is team-based, objective-based gameplay: red versus blue with clear goals. The mode on show today began as a domination match with the teams fighting to control two points. The two points were chains hooked up to a giant Cyclops with the winning team getting to pull it over to their end. A god then sends down a spear which instigates an attack and defend mode; the winners of the last section tries to finish off the clops, while the other defends it to keep the game in play.

Furthermore, there will be a class system, which will see players aligning their character with one of the many gods in the series (e.g. Zeus). The God you pick will affect the abilities you learn. You don’t necessarily have to be good at chaining combos either, you could set traps and play a support role.

You can also customise your fighter. In addition to choosing your weapon, you can change your boots, skirt, gauntlets, chest piece, helmet and shoulders.

It’s an interesting take on multiplayer and it seems Santa Monica Studio is really going all out to make this worthwhile. It also looks fantastic, of course. The game builds on the God of War III engine, improving in several areas such as animation and lighting. It will be good to see how far Santa Monica can push the engine online.

We also got some news regarding the singleplayer:

  • It’s a prequel, a standalone game in the series
  • Story will explore Kratos’ human side
  • He will look a little learner
  • It is slightly shorter than last game.