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Quick tips for Paint Park on PS Vita

Submitted by on Tuesday, 1 May 2012No Comment

The latest free app added to the PlayStation Store for PS Vita happens to be a fairly useful tool.

With Paint Park you can create a finger painted masterpiece or send edited screenshots to a friend through PSN. Paint Park makes this all possible. Enjoying Paint Park with friends or by yourself can be so much more fun when you know all the tricks this colorful app has to offer.

We’ve included some info on the hidden button functionality and how to edit screen captures for picture messaging with friends. Take a look to find out about all the life changing things you can do with Paint Park.

Face Button Functionality

Draw more efficiently by using the physical buttons on your Vita, thus avoiding the touch screen menus completely.

Here is a quick list of the face buttons and their handy functionality.

left/right: Undo last/next

up: Delete the entire canvas and start anew

triangle: Show/Hide the touch screen menus

left analog stick: Quickly switch between colors

right analog stick: Quickly switch between pen tips

Start: Quickly access Settings, My Stats or Exit to Title Screen Notice that when you are hiding the touch screen menus and using the analog sticks to quick change between colors or pen tips, the triangle at the top right of the screen will display those changes.

Custom Screenshots for Messaging

You can use Paint Park to edit any picture or screen capture saved to your Vita memory stick. This works well when trying to show a friend where to find hidden relics in Uncharted: Golden Abyss.

Simply take a screen capture by pressing the Start and PS buttons at the same time. Only once you’ve finished playing should you then switch over to Paint Park. This is due to the fact that the Vita OS will ask you to quit your game to launch Paint Park.

Once you see the blank canvas, touch the red photo album icon in the upper menu and select the desired screenshot. You’ll find a button at the bottom right corner that will allow you to paste the image into the blank canvas.

Now let out your inner Picasso.

I don't know what else to tell you...its right there!

When finished, take a screen capture of your completed work of art. Now you’re able to add the screenshot to a message. You can also set screenshots as your lock screen background image. If you find any more helpful Paint Park tips or uses for the app, tell us in the comments below.

Reader tips

“dont forget holding one colour and pressing any other colours together mixes them to make new ones! #paintpark” – Graham O’Connor ‏@gray_1805 via Twitter