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When Vikings Attack coming to PS3 and Vita as a Cross Purchase

Submitted by on Thursday, 24 May 2012One Comment

The UK based developer Clever Beans intends to cross things up in more ways than one When Vikings Attack later this year. The PlayStation 3 and Vita title will be a Cross Purchase, making the multiplayer much more accessible. That is likely what they intended behind the buy-one-get-one-free deal.

When Vikings Attack is a four-player action fighting game that appears to play similar to the playground game of dodgeball. Each player controls a colored circle containing little people. The little people represent both your health and how strong the group is; more people means more health and heavier objects can be picked up and thrown.

The level in the video posted up on the US PlayStation blog shows one level which appears to be a close-quarters battle containing objects found in suburban alleyways. Small objects like trash cans can be picked up by one guy while the dumpsters, cars and limousine required many.

When Vikings Attack supports Cross Play with any combination of the four players on PS3 or Vita. For example, you can play with three Vita systems and one person on PS3, or three people on PS3 and only one Vita. Cross Save will enable anyone to continue their Adventure mode progress from PS3 over to the Vita, or vice versa.

Simple controls, online and local multiplayer, and Vikings look to make this an easy purchase for just about anyone. Even your girlfriend can play it!