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Your Vita will make you a Smart As…

Submitted by on Tuesday, 22 May 20122 Comments

The shortage of games for the PlayStation Vita is going to end in due time. Evidence of that is shown in the latest trailer for a very polished new brain training game called Smart As… Set to tickle your grey matter in more ways than one this fall.

The trailer demonstrates how Smart As utilizes every bell and whistle, or touch screen and camera the system has on board. Games like Roller Blocks has you tilting the Vita to, you guessed it, roll the blocks. Lost Letter is a kind of word game where you must draw the missing letter of a word on the front touch screen. There are even augmented reality games using the rear camera to reveal images or words.

Expect to play through four major skill categories toward your goal to smartest human alive; observation, language, logic, and arithmetic. The scores from each of these categories combine to form your overall brain power score. Seeing your virtual brain removed from your virtual head, then sliced into segments to indicate which categories of the game you are strongest and weakest in might not be for the feint of heart.

Online leaderboards are typical in most multiplayer games. Smart As takes this notion much farther with comparisons in just about every category of the game and across any geographical possibility. Use “near” to see how you stack up to those around you or drop games for others to find.

The social network extends much further than “near,” with full Facebook and Twitter integration. Share scores and challenge friends through the social app of your choice, right from your Vita. Overachievers can take note that a mode exists just for them called Street Smart. It features regional challenges where the goal is to prove you are the best no matter where you are.

Publisher XDev Europe may be putting Smart As out there just to see which region is the smartest once and for all. Which country will you be representing this fall?