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Bang Bang Racing brings Android racing to PSN

Submitted by on Wednesday, 6 June 20123 Comments

Motorstorm RC has a new contender on the PlayStation 3, not Vita, as of yesterday. Bang Bang Racing is a top-down super-deformed racing game that borrows a lot from several other racing games and rolls them into this one neat little game for $9.99.

Bang Bang Racing THD is the same game available on the Google Play Store for Android devices. This version is only compatible with NVIDIA Tegra powered phones and tablets and sells for under $4. So why is the same game $10 on PSN?

There are usually several reasons for console versions being priced higher than mobile apps. Development costs to bring it up to 1080P using PS3 dev kits, publisher fees, licensing fees, ESRB submission and marketing. The game has been improved upon which can cost extra. Additional features like adding trophies, server support, and long term support.

This PS3 version comes to the PlayStation Store with a free demo for anyone hesitant in spending their allowance on a new game this week. It features nine reversible circuits, 20 bubbly vehicles across four unique classes, and several dynamic road hazards. The shiny graphics and smooth action packed racing looks to rub some paint with our PS3s. If the demo is anything like the full game, Digital Reality has done a pretty ‘bang’ up job on the port.

Bang Bang Racing currently has a 5-star rating on the PS Store which says a lot about the game given the amount of free content made available to PS Plus members. Those actually spending money on the store seem to be enjoying the paid options. Have you bought anything in the last PS Store update worth mentioning?