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BBC Sport app launches on PS3

Submitted by on Thursday, 21 June 2012No Comment

A new broadcasting app from the BBC launched today on the PS3. The BBC Sport app is designed specifically to cover live sporting events where there are simultaneous activities or multiple camera angles, such as Wimbledon, F1 or the Olympics.

The app is currently filled with excellent Euro 2012 coverage, including 21 news and catchup videos and four live streams for today’s game between Czech Republic and Portugal. The four streams consist of a live broadcast stream, another live stream with 5 Live commentary, an overhead tactical view and an instant highlights stream.

I’ve just missed Ronaldo’s goal because I’m writing this, so I’m already finding the instant highlights useful (nice header). The news and catchup section is filled with press conferences and highlights from the other games.

Initial impressions are positive. The app is easy to use, easy on the eye and boasts some good quality streams.

The Enter button on the PS3 Remote however isn’t used, which is strange considering BBC iPlayer is completely┬ácompatible. But this app is still in┬áBETA, so maybe that will come later. Otherwise, the app is definitely a welcome addition.