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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will be second PS3 game to support keyboard and mouse

Submitted by on Friday, 8 June 201217 Comments

Valve is stepping up their presence on PS3 with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Packed with new maps, weapons, modes and the promise of post launch DLC. CS: Go, as the kids are calling it, is a PSN downloadable game coming 21 August, 2012 for $14.99.

Eight classic maps from the previous Counter-Strike offerings will be present, as well as eight new maps featuring the new Arsenal mode. New weapons like decoys, molotov cocktails and the Zeus; a one-shot taser meant to humiliate your victim. Of course if you miss, that just cost you a lot of in-game money.

Just in case you’ve never played a Counter-Strike game before and are wondering how it could possibly compete with the likes of Call of Duty or Battlefield, it does offer something different. Counter-Strike has been popular on PC over the past 12 years because those gamers believe that pure FPS skill wins rounds rather than perks or leveled up weaponry. While there are advanced weapons available in CS: GO, these weapons must be purchase at the start of every round using in-game cash earned by experience. All players basically have the exact same character abilities and this is what makes Counter-Strike so unique.

The loss of cross-platform play between PC, Mac and PS3 was announced back in March and came as no shock to anyone familiar with Steam. The sheer number of updates Steam games typically receive, especially Valve games, is simply not possible on PS3 due to third-party certification requirements. PS3 players would frequently be playing an older version of the game against PC and Mac gamer’s fully updated copies, and that just won’t do.

No respawn in Counter-Strike means once you die, you stay dead.

Initially, the thought was that players on PS3 would be at a disadvantage with the DualShock 3 and Move controller. Contrary to this, Chet Faliszek, writer at Valve, clarifies that Move on PS3 may take time to get used to, but not much time. Its an experience to play with these controllers over traditional consoles controllers and especially keyboard and mouse, while still offering incredible accuracy. The difference now on PS3 and other systems is choice, we have it and they don’t.

Scrub to the 3:00 mark to get the official confirmation on the keyboard and mouse support for PlayStation 3. For anyone like us that is confident in knowing the answer to nearly every PlayStation-related quiz question, we found our hero in Sid Shuman for quickly nailing the answer to which PS3 game was first to support keyboard and mouse input. Well played Sid, way to represent the brand.

A skill-based match-making system has been implemented into CS: GO making it easier to get matched into a game with other players of the same skill level, rather than thrown in with people that have a much high skill level. This is new to Counter-Strike and much needed when the title becomes full of highly skilled players.

Additionally, on PS3, the input device also plays a role in the match-making process. If you’re playing with the Move controllers, then you will be matched with others using Move based on your abilities with the Move controller setup. Same goes for DualShock 3 or keyboard and mouse controls. If you want to try one of the other input devices, you will be matched based on never having played with that particular input device.

Get your Sharpshooter ready this summer for another Valve made game on PS3. Or will you opt for the more PC feel of a keyboard and mouse?