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E3 12; The ‘future of PlayStation Plus’ to be unveiled

Submitted by on Sunday, 3 June 20122 Comments

It’s less than 24 hours now until the start of Sony’s E3 conference. The show will see Sony outline new games and services, and judging by a message on, a new PlayStation Plus.

This doesn’t necessarily mean we will no longer have PS Plus as it is. It’s long been rumoured that Sony would introduce extra tiers, and after posting a loss recently, the company did announce in a statement that it was looking to increase its catalog of subscription services on PSN.

One rumour initially posted on MCV was that Sony is about to announce a partnership with a cloud-based streaming company, either Gaikai or OnLive. The rumour has since developed to Sony being about to announce an acquisition of one of these companies. Gaikai is now inviting journalists over to meet them at E3 because they believe they’re about to “change the future of video games, games consoles and how we play”. Interesting.

We think Sony’s  slogan “Never Stop Playing” also offers another clue. Mmm

Sony’s conference begins Monday 4 June at 6pm PT/9pm ET