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E3 12; Introducing the FUS1ON controller for the competitive gamer

Submitted by on Tuesday, 12 June 20125 Comments

The FUS1ON controller from accessory makers PowerA is all about giving tournament players a durable controller where everything is designed from the bottom up to fit the player. Featuring widened analog sticks, durable action buttons, and interchangeable grips, is this the controller that can take your gaming skills to the next level?

The first thing we were told about the the FUS1ON controller is that it is designed with tournament gaming in mind. The most notable aspect of this is the design of the analog sticks. The controller closely mimics the official Xbox 360 controller, with the left analog stick replacing the usual D-Pad location for PS3 controllers. The stick itself features a much wider base, allowing for easier and more precise control over your game. For first-person shooters, this is an absolute must. Another nice feature of the sticks is that your thumbs rest easily on top thanks to the slight depression in the design.  Holding the controller in your hands feels natural and comfortable.

FUS1ON controllers are fully customizable to a player’s liking with five different illumination settings, ranging from red to green to blue. You can also change out the ergonomic grips of the controller by unscrewing the three screws located on the back. A mini-screwdriver will be included with the controller, along with a protective travel case, so everything you need is available right out of the box.

We played some Halo multiplayer against one of the pro-gamers who was there demoing the controller. Suffice to say, we were decimated 25-1. Don’t blame the controller, though, as it works wonderfully. Control is smooth and the triggers have little resistance. For competitive gamers, the FUS1ON looks to be a decent investment over any regular controller.

That being said, casual gamers who aren’t looking to rack up the most kills in the next Call of Duty should be perfectly fine without it. The controller is meant for competitive players and will be tournament legal. Sure, it probably won’t turn you into a headshot master overnight, but the FUS1ON may leave your old controllers collecting dust on the shelf.

No price point or release date has currently been announced, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated with any information as it comes available.