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E3 12; Lara shows she’s still the pre-show queen in new Tomb Raider trailer

Submitted by on Friday, 1 June 2012No Comment

Lara was one of the highlights of E3 2011. Her pre-show CG trailer captured the imagination and proved that the old – now young – First Lady of Games was still relevant. The live demo at the show also offered a lot of promise.

We’ve been so impressed by what we’ve seen and heard about Tomb Raider so far that not one but three PS3A writers selected it in our most anticipated games of 2012 list. The bad news is that list is now a failure. Why? Well Tomb Raider was delayed until March 2013.

This also raised some alarm bells. Crystal Dynamics has ripped up the rule book, and we couldn’t help but wonder if rebooting the series has been more problematic for them than expected. This may still be the case, but the latest trailer has rekindled that excitement we felt last year. Check it out below.

It’s clear Lara is still the queen of the pre-show trailer.