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E3 12; Ubisoft unveils Splinter Cell Blacklist, coming to PS3 spring 2013

Submitted by on Tuesday, 5 June 20123 Comments

Ubisoft has closed the doors on their 2012 E3 press conference and open the doors to a new Splinter Cell game on PlayStation 3. Coming spring 2013, can’t get any more tentative really, Splinter Cell: Blacklist aims to rectify the lack of Sam Fisher on the XMB toting blu-ray disc console.

The Blacklist is a real list of “rogue intel agencies”, like the Third Echelon, that the Pentagon aims to dismantle. The list reveals these groups as targets of a group of rogue nations bent on removing US military presence within their countries.

The video delivered by Ubisoft during the E3 press conference reveals the closure of the Third Echelon, immediately followed by the advent of the Fourth Echelon. Equipped with unlimited resources and a revolutionary new Mobile Command Center tucked away inside a stealth aircraft

Ubisoft Toronto is now taking the reigns on Splinter Cell: Blacklist, its first project, with support from Ubisoft divisions in Montreal and Shanghai. Maxime Beland, creative director at Ubisoft, hypes up the new game with a few power words:

Ubisoft Toronto has taken great care to develop an evolutionary Sam Fisher experience that takes the franchise to dramatic new heights. With exciting gameplay enhanced by full motion-capture performances, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist offers a highly cinematic experience that will immerse fans and gamers new to the series in an intricate, action-packed adventure.

E3 has much more to show off, as Sony hits the stage likely to finish off Monday with a bang. 2013 is looking like a year to beat with so many big titles. Can we make it through 2012 and the impending apocalypse to see a release day?

Updated: June 7, 2012

Added E3 supplied gallery of images.