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Free YouTube app coming to PS Vita end of June

Submitted by on Friday, 1 June 2012One Comment

The title nearly says it all. An official YouTube app for PlayStation Vita will arrive end of June according to the official PlayStation Blog. Finally, a video app for the Vita…wait.

First there was Netflix, streaming movies and tv shows to the large 5″ OLED with exceptionally high quality. Then came Skype, enabling the video chat by way of the front and rear 1.2MP cameras, no text chat support though. This past week, the nico nico app was released, introducing the west to a Japanese video service. Nico nico currently only supports streaming from the app, but Sony has promised an update that will enable live broadcasting from the Vita.

Sony has revealed that the official YouTube app for PS Vita will enable you to login to your YouTube account and view all your content or peruse your feeds. The app will support comments and the trusty favorite button. What wasn’t announced was video uploads directly from the Vita or if the app can be launched simultaneously with a game. They are quoted with saying “you can watch millions of YouTube channels and videos on the stunning 5″ OLED screen, from comedy to gaming tips to today’s viral trends.”

Sony has a PHD in ambiguity, so knowing exactly when the YouTube app will drop on the PlayStation Store in the month of June is anyone’s guess. After E3 is a good start, once all the industry figures have grounded themselves back into their expensive desk chairs and can crank out some promises.