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Journey Collector’s Edition announced

Submitted by on Wednesday, 27 June 2012One Comment

The Journey Collector’s Edition has been announced by thatgamecompany, marking the studio’s first Blu-ray release.

It will include their three PS3 games so far: flOw, Flower and Journey – the latter is the fastest-selling PSN game ever.

It will be launching in North America on 28 August for $29.99, a bargain for those who haven’t played these brilliant titles – and you should be ashamed if so.

The package will also come with extra content, worthy of making any TGC fan drool:

  • A 30 minute behind the scenes documentary that details the making of Journey
  • Creator Commentary play-throughs across all three games
  • Three exclusive mini-games from thatgamecompany that were created during their ’24hr Game Jam’ tradition which, as the event name implies, features games that were made within 24 hours
  • Concept art and screenshot galleries for all three games
  • Original soundtracks for all three games. There has been no word on whether these will be physical or digital copies, but most probably digital
  • Dynamic themes and wallpapers
  • Avatars including eight never before seen Journey avatars that aren’t available to buy on the PlayStation Store
  • Official game trailers and developer diary videos
  • Reversible cover art. What will be featured on it is anybody’s guess

The current ‘art not final’ boxart

The three exclusive mini-games will be available for the fist time ever outside of thatgamecompany’s studio and will include Gravediggers, Duke War!! and Nostril Shot. They don’t sound quite as serene as the three main games but TGC promises that they will show a lighter side and will have a larger focus on competitive multiplayer as well as a sillier, less mature tone.

It’s not out for another two months, but feast your eyes on the official trailer to whet your appetite:

If you want to show your support for thatgamecompany, head over to the official blog and let them know you’ll be buying this collection.

Sadly that option won’t be available for EU resident, because Sony has decided that they won’t get it. The studio is actively directing frustrated fans in the direction of SCEE via its Twitter account, so you know who to pester if you really want this.