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Medal of Honor: Warfighter Tier-1 Operators; the soldiers behind the gun

Submitted by on Thursday, 7 June 2012No Comment

Lately, the Medal of Honor franchise has been in the shadow of the FPS behemoth that is Call of Duty. 2010’s Medal of Honor reboot received generally positive reviews and Electronic Arts aims to eclipse that with Medal of Honor: Warfighter. To set the game apart from all of the rest of the war shooters in development, Warfighter introduces individual Tier-1 Operators that are crafted after real-world combat specialists. In the end, there will be 72 unlockable Operators from all over the world, each with their own unique skill set and weapons.

The E3 demo we were shown gave us but a small taste of what’s in store for the many Operators. There were six Operators on hand to play as, including the Polish GROM, Australian SASR, Canadian JTF2, and the American OGA, SEAL, and SFOD-D. Each had their own unique equipment and perks, including air strikes, instant spawn points, etc. Operators are only allowed one perk a piece, so choose your Operator wisely. Speaking with a Warfighter representative, we were told that the only customizable aspect of Operators will be the weapons. Everything else will be locked to that specific Operator. With 72 Operators said to be in development, there shouldn’t be a problem in finding one, or two, that fits your style.

Besides these battle perks, other aspects that makes each Operator unique is their look and sound. The Medal of Honor franchise has always been about authenticity and Warfighter is no different. The clothes and voices of each Operator will accurately match their respective real-world counterpart. This also means that each Operator will be voiced by a different voice actor.

In addition to the Tier-1 Operators, Warfighter has revealed the new Fire Teams component to the multiplayer. As in real life, soldiers will go into the battlefield with a fellow teammate. Teammates are are always visible to one another and sticking together can lead to many benefits. When not engaged in battle, Fire Team members are able spawn right next to each other. Also, if one member goes down and the remaining teammate is able to extract revenge on the opponent who did him in, they are instantly able to respawn. Fire Teams will also add a strategic aspect to the multiplayer as well, as you’ll never know whether or not the teammate of the dude you just shot is right around the corner until it’s too late.

No doubt EA is going to great lengths to make Medal of Honor: Warfighter to stand apart from all the other first person shooters coming out. We’ll see if it pays off in the end when it’s released on October 23rd in North American and on the 26th in Europe.