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Playstation Home’s Aurora breaks the one million player mark

Submitted by on Wednesday, 13 June 20122 Comments

It looks like Sony and the developers over at nDreams have a huge hat to hang on their mantle. The PlayStation Home free-to-play game Aurora has just reached the one million unique player milestone and looks to be setting the console standard for this kind of model.

The PS Home exclusive is set on a whimsical floating¬†archipelago, with many places to explore and play. Some of the most popular activities include¬†Orbrunning (dashing around the islands catching different types of floating orbs within a time limit) and Sky Fishing (a more leisurely activity where players can catch and collect a range of different creatures that are found floating in the clouds). These mainstays of Aurora have seen a new addition called “Trap-O-Matic” that has also seen a big player retention rate. Having players set a trap and then come back a day later looking for rewards seem to have players returning in big numbers.

nDreams, who are one of the lead developers in Home, have also said that there will be some expansion to the space in the form of a new activity called “Cloud Hunter”. This will have you piloting a craft around the island with a new challenge system to explore. With all this good news it seems as if Home might be the platform for Sony to make the free-to-play model viable in the home console space for developers. Let’s see what goodies are in store for the future.