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PS3A PlayTime – week of 28 May, 2012

Submitted by on Monday, 4 June 20122 Comments

The PS3 Attitude team is always hard at work writing the fabulous posts you enjoy reading so much. So how do we find the time to play the games we love? We do find time, we must. But wouldn’t you rather find out what we’ve been playing?

This week the Vita received plenty of special attention with the release of Resistance Burning Skies and a demo for those on the fence. The Gravity Rush demo for PS Vita finally dropped as well as Pure Chess for PS3 and PS Vita. The Pure Chess give-away was a hit and we thank all those that participated through our Facebook and Twitter pages.

PS3 got a bump in the PS Store with a plethora of PS3 Ultimate Editions. Most of which were discounted pretty heavily, all of which come with the full digital download of the game including any map packs or DLC. Speaking of DLC, Batman has now seen a darker side to Harley Quinn with the new Harley Quinn’s Revenge DLC for Batman Arkham City.

Each week the PS3 Attitude writing staff has been asked to answer three simple questions, but we would love to hear your answers as well. Keep us informed in the comments section that follows.

  1. What games have you been playing this week?
  2. Did you accomplish something cool?
  3. What are you watching or reading?


What I’m playing: This week I’ve been a wizard in Sorcery, continued my unbeaten online run in FIFA and even revisited Max Payne 1.

Accomplishments: After five rage quitters in a row, I came to the conclusion that FIFA Vita community is full of bad losers. Faith was restored by one fellow.

What I’m watching and reading: Watched People vs Larry Flynt, It’s a great film but Love can’t act. Also watched Frasier and Lost.


What I’m playing: I’ve only played the Gravity Rush demo on the Vita. Will definitely be getting the game when it comes out now.

Accomplishments: Nothing memorable this week. Been preparing for E3. I guess you could call that memorable.

What I’m watching and reading: Watching The League. Can’t wait for Season 4 this fall!


What I’m playing: Mortal Kombat Vita, Pinball Arcade, LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7 on Vita, Dead Nation on PS3

Accomplishments: Just picked up LEGO Harry Potter for real cheap; thanks Amazon! Completed the Resistance Burning Skies demo and Gravity Rush demo; they were pretty good.

What I’m watching and reading: Watching Prison Break season 2 and The Walking Dead season 1. No books this week, though I’m still looking for a copy of The Hunger Games.


What I’m playing: Batman: Arkham City, Dragon Age: Origins, Final Fantasy XIII, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, Max Payne 3, Sorcery

Accomplishments: Played a bit of everything this week; highlights include Sorcery (well worth dusting off the Move for) and Harley Quinn’s Revenge (great excuse to get back into Arkham City).

What I’m watching and reading: Continued The Simpsons marathon. I’m going backwards so that the episodes get better, not worse!