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Sony’s Jack Buser is the Statman

Submitted by on Thursday, 7 June 20124 Comments

Jack Buser was in excellent form in an interview with, celebrating all things Sony and digital. The senior director of PlayStation Digital Platforms at SCEA had a few choice words for Sony’s competitors, who he says are  “losing the plot, forgetting what built this industry” – the gamers.

Buser’s interview is full of interesting comment on Sony’s digital strategies and offers insight into the company’s priorities. It also offers a brilliant number of stats. Buser is a stat-producing machine.

Check these out:

  • More than 100 million PSN accounts worldwide
  • More than 64 million PS3 units worldwide
  • 1,578 downloadable games since the PSN launched
  • Fastest selling game on PlayStation Network was Journey
  •  80 percent of PS3s connected to the internet worldwide
  • More than 70 percent of PSN members use PSN weekly or more often
  • Average hours PSN is used per week is 7.1 hours
  • Two thirds of PlayStation Network members play online multiplayer on PSN weekly or more often
  • PS3 was reported as the top device for streaming Netflix, accounting for more than 30 percent of total usage, according to a report from June 2011
  • The first to bring Amazon Instant Video, sports applications such as MLB TV, NHL Game Center, NFL Sunday Ticket
  • One third of PS Vita owners in North America downloaded Netflix and users are spending about three hours per week watching TV, movies
  • More than 4.3 million songs streamed globally to the PlayStation Vita since it was available

The PR in the interview also had a nice stat to offer:

  • 20 percent of MLB owners are using cross play

Bet you learned at least one new thing there.