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Tomba! gets a digital download release this Tuesday on PSN

Submitted by on Monday, 18 June 2012One Comment

Your collection of rare and usually expensive PS one games can easily grow by one this Tuesday when Tomba hits the PlayStation Store. The 2D side-scrolling platformer has been a cult favorite since it was released in the late 1990s, and can still offer gamers something new.

The original PS one disc may be difficult to find, with some eBay sellers having sold their copies for upwards of $500 when proven to be sealed and in mint condition. Monkey Paw Games is set to release the pink-haired wild boy into our homes for less than $10.

Better known for their PS one import collection on PSN, Monkey Paw Games intends to bring this highly revered classic out from hiding and into the hands of every single PS3 owner not willing to spend hundreds of dollars. Instead, for a mere $9.99, Tomba will be enjoyed by hopefully enough gamers to call Monkey Paw Games a properly funded developer.

Tomba’s 2D sprites hold true to a 2 dimensional side-scroller even while nearly all of the levels are actually presented in 3D. This is what many in the industry call 2.5D. And though Tomba begs to be played by 25-30 year olds who may have grown up with the original Super Mario Bros, it is more than suitable enough for younger gamers to enjoy.

Tomba will retain the original charm and colorful art style that made the legendary producer Tokuro Fujiwara’s games so immensely popular. This will include all 130 missions across a gameplay romance of action, adventure, platforming, rpg elements, and puzzles.

This Tuesday’s PlayStation Store release list may be a bit on the light side, or not depending on your interests, but we’re hoping Tomba revitalizes the PS one movement on PSN. What was the last PS one game you remember playing on PS3?