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5 game worlds that we wouldn’t want to visit

Submitted by on Sunday, 8 July 20123 Comments

Although you wouldn’t know it from the atrocious weather we’re currently experiencing in Britain, it is actually summer now, so PS3 Attitude has been thinking about gaming worlds that we’d rather not holiday in. Videogames and hellish environments often go hand in hand, so we certainly had our work cut out in narrowing it down to just five locations!

Helghan from Killzone

We’d only recommend visiting the homeworld of the Helghast if you’re a fan of the colours brown and grey, or if you enjoy getting shot at by cockney-voiced enemies.

The colour palette mercifully brightened up a bit for Killzone 3, but it’s still clear that Helghan isn’t a particularly hospitable planet. For a start, the air is almost unbreathable, forcing the Helghast to adapt to the harsh environment or die. We don’t mind taking an inoculation or two when we go on holiday, but we definitely draw the line at mutation!

Boletaria from Demon’s Souls

If we’re honest, we can’t even survive five minutes without dying in the virtual world of Boletaria, so we probably wouldn’t last two if we were to visit the place for real. If it’s not a dragon trying to kill us then it’s a giant spider, or a massive ogre, or… whatever the hell this thing is.

We could also do without all the misleading signs that have been left by previous visitors. Most of them are quite helpful, but watch out for seemingly innocent messages claiming ‘Run straight ahead’; you’d be surprised how often you’ll end up falling off a cliff.

The Inferno from Dante’s Inferno

In fourteenth century poem, the Divine Comedy, Dante Alighieri presented arguably the most vivid and famous depiction of hell in all of Western literature.

Therefore, seven hundred years later, Visceral Games created one of the most repulsive locations in all of gaming in Dante’s Inferno (even if they did bastardise Dante’s work somewhat, by turning him from a poet into a warrior – apparently poets don’t make great videogame protagonists).

However, this does admittedly give him a better chance against the many hellish creatures that want to kill him, which include the legendary three-headed beast Cerberus, and un-baptised babies with knives for hands!

Stygia from Bulletstorm

Any planet where even the plants try to kill you wouldn’t be high on our list of prospective holiday destinations, no matter how deceptively pretty it is. Unfortunately for Grayson Hunt, he didn’t have a choice when he crash landed on Stygia, and we can’t say we envy him.

If killer plants weren’t bad enough, he and his team of renegades also have to contend with a small army of bandits, minigun-wielding bosses, and, during one memorable chapter, even a mythical dinosaur (at least, we think it’s a dinosaur).

Oblivion from The Elder Scrolls

The first time we visited the Daedric realm of Oblivion in-game, we were such Elder Scrolls noobs that we didn’t even know how to heal our character. We subsequently hid from a Dremora Lord in a corner, and it was some time before we could muster the courage to move again.

Even today, after hundreds of hours of collective play time, we still get the chills whenever we’re sent on a quest there (although we do at least know how to heal now!). This is definitely one world that we’re glad is just in a videogame; well, and our nightmares.