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Top 5 shows of the 80s and 90s for Telltale Games next game

Submitted by on Tuesday, 3 July 201214 Comments

Telltale Games has created a niche of their own with games that immerse us gamers into the movies, television shows, and even graphic novels they are based on. Wouldn’t it be great if we could suggest to Telltale Games what they’re next big episodic adventure should be?

Its grown to a point where the likes of Telltale Games and Traveller’s Tales are making games based on other people’s intellectual properties. In fact, that’s exactly what it is like, but they have they’re own unique visions for what they’re video game adaptations will look and play like. Whether is Back to the Future, The Walking Dead, or LEGO Batman, its all about finding an audience and running with what works for them.

Growing up in the 80s and 90s has shaped much of today’s culture. This is evident with all the rebooted franchises hitting theaters: like Transformers, G.I. Joe, and Karate Kid. So I’ve devised a list of some of my most favorite shows and comics that I would love Telltale Games to work their magic on just to have a chance to relive the memories in video game form.

“I pity the foo.”

1. A-Team – By far my favorite TV show of the 80s, the A-Team was something I really wanted to be a part of. Going as far as to stick a piece of tape in my hair in a pre-school attempt to play the role of B.A. Baracus on the playground. I know now that I looked nothing like him, but there was nothing more entertaining at the time than running around the tan bark yelling “where are you foo?”

The story of the ex-military agents gone rogue after being setup would play out well for a game spanning many episodes. The show had an amazingly colorful cast of characters that had plenty of backstory on their own to character a flame in a Telltale game.

I asked for a paperclip, but I guess a missile will do.

2. MacGyver – Another very influential 80s and early 90s television show character I wanted to become was Richard Dean Anderson’s MacGyver. He had it all, like an American version of James Bond but without any of the toys. He drove the ugliest cars of the 80s, had an innate fascination for paper clips, and an insatiable apetite for any female that shared his tinkering talents.

To think that Telltale Games would have a hard time hitting the ground running with a MacGyver game would be a lie. He had his fair share of bad guys to contend with, both on American soil and internationally. Another lie I will tell you is that MacGyver had nothing to do with me learning to pick locks.

If Smurfette was never pregnant, then where did this baby come from?

3. The Smurfs – The 80s cartoon featured a village of little blue men and one woman that existed only because of the evil Gargamel and his equally sinister cat Azrael. Later in the series run there would come to be two more female Smurfs. Yet only Smurfette would make it into the Hollywood movie released in 2011.

The series has already seen nearly 20 video game adaptations hit just about every platform in existence, including the iPhone and Android with the popular Smurf Village. Its about time that Telltale Games got their hands on an animated IP and showed the world how they would turn it into a story-driven choose-your-outcome adventure. Maybe even let the gamer play as Gargamel. That would be fun.

There were more than three stooges, but Curly was the most famous stooge.

4. The Three Stooges – Though not from the 80s, and certainly not from the 90s, the Three Stooges were still a part of my childhood. Their stories were a blend of the everyday happenings in the US during the 1930’s on up through World War II, and featured their signature take on ‘slapstick’ or physical comedy. The cast started shuffling around a bit when Curly had a stroke, but that just makes for a more interesting video game scenario. Not the stroke so much as the replacement characters.

Generally referred to as ‘juvenille’, the Three Stooges legacy has afforded a recent Hollywood remake of their own. Telltale Games could do the uncouth trio justice by molding a story of their own and use the physical comedy attacks as part of the contextual button minigames.

Mumm-Ra is so outnumbered.

5. Thundercats – The Thundercats and He-Man come in close for the fifth position in this list, but its the Thundercats and the diverse cast of cats that reign supreme for me. The show ran for 130 episodes across four seasons and starred Liono and his Thundercats battling a team of mutants.

The mutants chase the Thundercats to “Third Earth” where a  prehistoric foe supposedly responsible for wiping out mankind from “First Earth” awakens and recruits the mutants. For me, the Thundercats screams video game remake in some way, shape, or form. Giving Telltales the reigns of any of these games means that they could take the original story and find a parallel story to tell in their game.

So, those are my top 5 most influential 1980s – 1990s shows of which I would love to see retold by Telltales Games. They have done remarkable work on The Walking Dead episodic game, and I personal enjoyed their last two offerings.

Now its your turn. What would you ask Telltale Games to remake in their episodic image? Or would something original and new be better? Leave your comments and ideas in the comments section below.