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I, Deadpool, will be in my very own video game

Submitted by on Sunday, 15 July 2012No Comment

I, everyone’s favourite Marvel character, will feature in my own game!

I’ve taken over High Moon Studios, the current developers of the Transformers games, though my game will feature much more ass kicking, bloodshed and much more awesome.

I hope they manage to get my witty, cocky attitude across and put my spectacular physique to good use.

Although my being in it should be enough to sell the game to you, have a look at this fancy new trailer revealed at Comic-Con, otherwise we can’t be friends:

*Looks up from sharpening blades* Oh, you liked it? Good! No stabby stabby today, then!

The only thing missing from that video was chimichangas but oh, look, you can go right here to my official website to see more of little ol’ me and ways how to contact and buy me tacos!

Will it be based on the events of my upcoming amazing Deadpool movie or will it closely follow my mind-blowing comic books? Who knows? Either way it’s going to be the best game you’ve ever played.