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Georges St-Pierre front man for Sleeping Dogs

Submitted by on Saturday, 21 July 2012No Comment

UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St-Pierre has lent his expertise in many of the fighting moves in Sleeping Dogs. In this latest move to¬†emphasize¬†his role with the developers at United Front Games, they’ve shared a documentary. Now we get to see how Georges St-Pierre really feels about violence in video games.

This video is really fun to watch, especially for fans of GSP. He’s known for being a beast in the octagon of the UFC, but at United Front Games they were fortunate to meet the man. A man that isn’t shy to admit that in the real world he’s a nice person, but in a video game he would be the most evil villainous of all.

Sota Yuyama, gameplay animator, and Liberty Walker, lead animation programmer, from United Front Games step into a living room setting with the inFamous Georges “Rush” St-Pierre and break down a few moves that have been troublesome to the team. This behind-the-scenes look at how professionals from different lines of work can unite in front of games is maybe where United Front Games got their name.

For a move more towards marketing Sleeping Dogs to fans of the UFC and mixed martial arts in general, GSP appears in a trailer entitled “GSP: Master Fighter.” He is seen to be the sensei to a character within the game, and seemingly lending his real world moves to the video game character, who happens to be wearing his shorts.

Now that you’ve seen GSP’s role in the next AAA title from the Square Enix corner, are you ready? Are you ready? Let’s get it on!