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The Last of Us continues to amaze us with new cinematic

Submitted by on Sunday, 15 July 2012One Comment

Naughty Dog and PlayStation have revealed a stunning new cinematic from The Last of Us titled ‘Bill’s Safe House’.

Keeping true to what we expect from Naughty Dog, it looks spectacular and is set to be an immersive, unique experience that every gamer should play.

We’ve been playing Naughty Dog games here at Attitude Towers since the PS1 and now, roughly 10 years later, they’re still leaving us speechless and making us love their work as they constantly keep things fresh and exciting.

For those of you who don’t know, The Last of Us is a game based on the journey of mixed duo Joel and Ellie as they fight together to survive in the post-apocalyptic world after a fungal plague wreaked havoc among civilisation.

If you haven’t see any footage of the game at all, which would be shocking with all the exposure it’s receiving, then have a look at this brilliant new cinematic that was revealed at Comic-Con:

You’d be lying if you said this looks lacklustre but you would also hurt our Naughty Dog-adoring feelings.

Our obvious¬†tendencies¬†aside, what our your thoughts on the upcoming game and this new footage? If you’ve been unsure on whether you want The Last of Us, has this convinced you to get it?

Whatever your thoughts, let us know in the usual place below.