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Is this the end of Resistance?

Submitted by on Monday, 2 July 20124 Comments

Daniel Brooke, online producer at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, has said in an interview with Official PlayStation Magazine UK that they have no definitive plans to carry on the Resistance franchise.

Brooke had worked on Burning Skies but in reply to being asked where he would like the series to go next has said, “The Resistance franchise has been exciting to work on but as for the future we have no definitive plans.”

This might come as a bit of a surprise to some of you considering Resistance: Burning Skies was one of the most highly anticipated PlayStation Vita titles as well as the first handheld game to use two analog sticks. There wasn’t a big fire for protagonist Tom Riley to put out though as it failed to set fire to the charts.

I personally enjoyed Burning Skies despite its flaws, but Resistance 3 was a great send-off by Insomniac, who have stopped making Resistance games, and it was well received by critics alike, particularly our very own Stefhutch20 and you can read his opinion on it right here.

Sony clearly owns the IP to Resistance, but maybe they don’t have faith in it after Burning Skies failed to sell extremely well and Insomniac stating that they have done all there is to be done on the series, although this may possibly change one day.

Did any of you enjoy the Resistance franchise as much as we have? Let us know in the comments below…