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5 PSN trophies that are EVIL!

Submitted by on Sunday, 12 August 20126 Comments

This week, PS3 Attitude has been discussing PSN trophies, or more specifically, trophies that must have spawned from the depths of hell. Everyone loves trophies, but occasionally a challenge will come along that is so ridiculously hard and/or time consuming, you have to think to yourself; what’s the point? These are our picks for 5 of the most evil trophies on PSN.

Valor Grand Cross from Killzone 2

Trophy description: Achieve weekly online honor rank #4

To achieve online rank #4, you have to end in the top 1% of all players during a single week of online multiplayer in Killzone 2. First-person shooter veterans must scoff at such trivial charges, but for us mere mortals, this is a real herculean task.

Three and a half years after the game’s launch, only the hardcore community remains, meaning that pretty much the only way this trophy is even possible is to play Killzone 2 all day, every day, for an entire week, and just pray you’ve done enough to make the top 1%. Sorry Guerrilla, but this is one trophy we can definitely live without!

Gold Coin Purse from White Knight Chronicles

Trophy description: Earn 10,000,000 guilder. A coin purse filled with… a ton of money!

White Knight Chronicles only includes 24 trophies, but all of them are ridiculously time-consuming and require about a thousand times more patience than we possess. Gold Coin Purse really takes the biscuit though because, just in case you can’t count that high, 10,000,000 is a lot.

To make matters worse, that total isn’t cumulative, so you must have that much money on you at once. To earn this trophy, you basically can’t buy anything throughout the entire game, and a few hundred hours later it could just about be yours. Yeah, good luck with that.

Zone Zeus from WipEout HD

Trophy description: In Zone Mode, reach Zone 75 on any track

WipEout HD has its fair share of challenging trophies, so we couldn’t write this list without including one. If you ask us, Zone Zeus might well be the toughest trophy of them all; Elite Campaign Legend, Airbraker and Beat Zico can all move right on over.

To fill in the uninitiated, in Zone mode your ship is constantly accelerating, and the event ends when your ship is destroyed, with the goal being to reach the highest Zone you can. At around Zone 50, your ship moves so fast that even a single blink can see your hopes shattered into a million pieces (or, rather, your ship), so reaching Zone 75 requires nothing short of Jedi-like reflexes.

Sounds of the Battlefield from Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Trophy description: Obtained all iPod tracks (excluding tracks obtained via password)

After reading that description, you may be thinking, ‘A simple collection trophy doesn’t sound too bad’. Although you’d normally be correct, this is no ordinary collection trophy, because obtaining one of the tracks requires you to earn all of the Emblems. Oh dear.

Frankly, all we need to do to instil fear into any gamer’s heart is to simply cite the requirements for earning the Big Boss Emblem: ‘Beat the game on the Boss Extreme difficulty with 0 deaths, 0 alerts, 0 kills, 0 recovery items used, 0 special items used, and in under 5 hours’. We take back anything nice we’ve ever said about Hideo Kojima.

Battle Hardened from Time Crisis: Razing Storm

Trophy description: Reach max Level three times through Ranking Matches in Online Battle Mode

In Time Crisis: Razing Storm’s trophy guide on, the approximate time to earn the game’s platinum is genuinely listed as ‘500 hours – the rest of your life’. We take it that means it’ll take a very, very long time.

Part of the problem with this trophy is that the game’s online community is pretty much dead, so the only way of having a chance of earning Battle Hardened (and many of the game’s other trophies) is to boost it, and even then we’re talking about dozens, maybe hundreds of hours. If a developer ever wanted to ensure that no one will unlock their game’s platinum, this is definitely the way to do it.

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