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Far Cry 3 co-op gives you reasons to re-visit the island

Submitted by on Thursday, 2 August 2012No Comment

Far Cry 3’s co-op mode debuted at E3 to a mixed reception but hopefully any doubts are quelled once you have a look at the new features on offer.

Although the single-player campaign looks brilliant, the game will be testing your ability to escape the island by giving you reasons to draw you to it to once again fend off insanity.

The 4 player co-op campaign will take place 6 months before the story of the main game and so you will be introduced to new characters, unique exotic locales not found in the single-player and character classes and you can see all of this in action below.

You and your friends will buddy up to tackle this campaign, and obviously argue over who gets to be who, as you compete against each other for kills to get the highest score, which is made even more impressive if you play as the older man and put them young whippersnappers in their place. Some of the missions you’ll be facing in the campaign include holding your ground as waves of attackers try to kill you and setting explosives whilst your team defends you.

On show are the 5 classes that you will be able to utilise in battle which consist of Warrior, Rusher, Deadeye, Saboteur and Bodyguard. These classes will have their own set weapons and equipment so some experimenting will be required for you to find the class you are comfortable with.

Don’t take just my word for it though, the video found below more than sells itself:

Far Cry 3 releases in Europe and Australia 29th November 2012, UK sees it 30th November and North America will get their hands on it 4th December.

Will you be finding out the definition of insanity? Let us know in the usual place below.