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GC2012; Sony’s Japan Studio reveals Rain and Puppeteer

Submitted by on Wednesday, 15 August 2012No Comment

Sony’s gamescom conference held many surprises but Japan Studio announcing two new games – Rain and Puppeteer – really seemed to have excited people.

The titles look so different to each other, so it’s a real testament to the creativity of the developers at Japan Studio.

Rain (working title) is a puzzle game which focuses on a young boy who is invisible so long as it doesn’t rain because when it does, his silhouette is given away by the rainfall and enemies will be able to attack him. His adventure begins as he awakes to see a silhouette of a girl, he then sets out to save her when she vanishes.

The world has been dubbed as ‘mysterious’, but with the amount of rain it could very well be Britain.

Have a look at the very wet trailer below:

Puppeteer’s colour palette is hugely different in contrast to Rain and has a LittleBigPlanet-esque vibe in its animation and 2D gameplay.

The game features a young boy who is taken to a magical world after he is kidnapped by the Moon Bear King. He has been kidnapped to unwillingly fulfil a role in a play titled “The Perilous Journey of a Boy Named Kutaro.”

On arrival, he is turned in to a puppet and a giant fork takes his head off, allowing him to use other heads which, presumably, grant him special powers.

The boy steals a pair of magic scissors which he uses as a weapon to defend himself against the many enemies that he will come across whilst trying to escape from the “theatre of the strange and fantastic”.

The trailer for Puppeteer can be played below, if you choose to pull its strings:

Puppeteer will be a full Blu-ray release whilst Rain will be PSN exclusive.

Sony are constantly churning out new IPs but are they enticing you to buy them? Let us know in the usual place below.