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PS3A PlayTime – week of 6 August, 2012

Submitted by on Tuesday, 14 August 2012No Comment

We’d like to think that not all our spare time is consumed by banging away at a few rows of keys, but is also spent mashing the buttons of our DualShock 3s and Vitas. So why not share with you a little bit about the games that we have found the time to play amidst our busy summer schedules.

Sound Shapes has already rocked the west for PS3 and Vita. Its only a short wait away from dropping its beats all over the UK and boy is worth the wait. Expect Sound Shapes to not only be incredibly fun, but also force you to continue playing. Some might call it addicting, but I’d like to clarify it as relentless.

Darksiders II also hit US stores this week (UK next week), and we have a review right around the corner, just for you. Other big game releases include Persona 4 Arena and Sleeping Dogs. This may be no surprise to some, but London 2012: The Videogame tops the sales charts at #1 just two weeks from its release.

Here are the three simple questions the PS3 Attitude writing staff has been asked to answer. Though, we want to hear your answers as well. Keep us informed in the comments section at the bottom of the post.

  1. What games have you been playing this week?
  2. Did you accomplish something cool?
  3. What are you watching or reading?


What I’m playing: Everybody’s Golf on the Vita is starting to really get to me.

Accomplishments: I’ve unlocked the Platinum levels, but I can’t use any of them. Why? Because I need to beat the final ‘Vs.’ character before they become available. And that, my club-swinging friends, is not easy. I must have tried over 20 times already. He always seems to get extremely ‘lucky’ just at the right time. I will defeat him though. Or stamp on my Vita. We’ll see.

What I’m watching and reading: I only watched the London Olympics when I had any spare time. Now it is over, I’m wondering what on earth to do with myself.


What I’m playing: Shift II, MotorStorm Apocalypse, Darksiders and Darksiders II

Accomplishments: The Four My Brother gold trophy for completing Darksiders II was satisfying. Felt like I earned that one. Review coming soon.

What I’m watching and reading: Read a little Anna Karenina and watched some Frasier, but it’s mostly been a gaming week.


What I’m playing: Frobisher Says!, Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus, Virtua Tennis 4: World Tour Edition

Accomplishments: Bought Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus on a whim, thinking ‘How hard can it be?’. It turns out very, and so far all of my time on it has been spent getting my butt well and truly kicked.

What I’m watching and reading: Once again, the Olympics is basically all I’ve watched – great work, Team GB!


What I’m playing: Played a bit of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Started The Walking Dead: Episode 1 (Thanks PlayStation Plus!). Rounded off my week with Sound Shapes for the Vita.

Accomplishments: Made is all the way to 38th place on the Sound Shapes leaderboards for Hills n’ Spills. Granted it’s probably a whole lot lower on the learderboards now but still…

What I’m watching and reading: Watched The Bourne Legacy. Jeremy Renner is a decent replacement for the franchise but still doesn’t hold a candle to Matt Damon.


What I’m playing: Sound Shapes, Sound Shapes, Sound Shapes. Sprinkled with a bit of Virtual Tennis.

Accomplishments: Created my first level in Sound Shapes on the Vita, then created one on the PS3. Big difference in which is better. Wouldn’t you like to know… (review en route). Also, my five year old created a couple levels. She likes to make them very difficult to complete, but not impossible!

What I’m watching and reading: Reading Charlotte’s Web with my 5 year old, we’re at chapter XII. Watching Grimm through Hulu+ on PS3 and Android.


What I’m playing: X-Men Destiny, Payday: The Heist (offline), Darksiders, Vanquish, Rock of Ages, Uncharted 3 (online), Escape Plan, Treasures of the Montezuma Blitz.

Accomplishments: Finally finding out about the tilt function in Escape Plan when you’re floating as Lil, as finnicky as it is! Sure the game never told me, took me until the DLC to find out, haha.

What I’m watching and reading: Big Bang Theory season 4, bits of Most Haunted and Batman Forever, Mad Mad World, The Cube, Olympics 2012, Thelma’s Gypsy Girls, Nixemus on PlayStation Access!