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Resident Evil 6 allows you to hunt down the heroes in Agent Hunt

Submitted by on Thursday, 2 August 2012No Comment

A lot of people have played Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls and experienced how frustrating it is to have another player barge in on your game and absolutely ruin your day.

Resident Evil 6, in true horror fashion, will be adding a similar feature where players get to control specific monster types to take down our beloved heroes as they already battle against insurmountable odds.

The new Agent Hunt mode is a first for the series and will have you play as a monster with a goal to stop people playing as the heroes.

Players will be alerted once a human-controlled enemy is prowling around but there will be no indication as to who is AI and who isn’t, leaving you to shoot down all enemies so that the player-controlled monster doesn’t get the upper hand on you. This is made worse as the game allows several people to play as monsters, though no number has been specified, and they’ll be able to use voice chat to communicate with each other so that they can make plans to hinder your progress.

For those of you that don’t want others interrupting your game, Agent Hunt mode will not be available to you until you have finished the main storyline but even then it is an option which you can toggle on or off if you choose to replay stages, unlike other dark and brutal games that insist on destroying your will to journey on.

It will be released in most parts of the world 2nd October 2012 though Japan will see it two days later.

What are you thoughts on this new mode? Whatever they are, let us know in the usual place below.