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GC2012; Resident Evil 6 to have a stat-tracking service

Submitted by on Tuesday, 14 August 2012No Comment

Capcom has announced a free online stat-tracking system to release alongside Resident Evil 6 called

It will record your in-game stats such as your number of kills, deaths, headshots, accuracy, etc, and will offer rewards depending on how well you do.

Your friends will see what weapons you favour, how many enemies you’ve killed and likewise, so there will be no arguments about who can slay the most zombies. Mercenaries Mode will allow you to share links via Facebook and Twitter so everybody can be aware of just how awesome you are, or how much free time you have.

You can choose to have messages to alert you if your score has been beaten, allowing you to hop back on and pew pew all the undead until you are at the top of the leaderboards again. You will also be able to see when your friends sign on and what you’re doing so you can become a real life Hunter.

Maybe this new gameplay clip straight out of gamescom will give you an idea if you’ll be able to beat your friends:

There will be community challenges which offer exclusive costumes, figures for and, the best bit, a virtual Championship Belt to the winner. You will be able to view intel reports and a short video compiling of the game’s events up to where you are.

Smartphone and tablet applications are in the works so you can keep up-to-date whenever you like.

Will you be using this free service? Let us know in the usual place below.