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Table Pack 5 announced for The Pinball Arcade

Submitted by on Monday, 27 August 2012No Comment

The Pinball Arcade is a topic of much discussion on PS3 Attitude, mostly because its an excellent game and a great deal with Cross Buy. This is also the case with each of the DLC packs currently available and upcoming, and this is only possible on PlayStation. While we await the release of Table Packs 3 and 4, FarSight Studios announced Table Pack 5.

First up in Table Pack 5 is one of the newer tables to be released in The Pinball Arcade called Harley Davidson Third Edition. Produced by Stern Pinball in 2005 ,this table has tons of sound effect and full audio voice overs orchestrating a near complete play-by-play. The center field features a gallery of hidden avenues leading to the top of the table and a ramp. Plus a cool Video Mode where you use the flippers to steer a motorcycle across three lanes of traffic on the HUD.

The second table is Taxi, a re-release from The Pinball Hall of Fame Williams Collection on PS3. Everything about the table has been updated with more realistic physics and obviously Vita support. Taxi has two main ramps, one to the left and one to the right, although features several scoring opportunities. Taxi compliments the newer Harley table nicely with its retro appeal.

FarSight Studios takes full advantage of today’s social media outlets to announce updates to their software. Table Pack 5 was announced through Twitter and Facebook, with the video above posted to YouTube. They are also demonstrating how successful KickStarter is to helping out their cause. First with the Twilight Zone table and now with the Star Trek: The Next Generation table. Both will use the KickStarter contributions to pay for various licenses needed to realize these two classics in digital form.

Each table pack is $4.99 each, featuring two tables in each pack. Including table pack 5, that makes a total investment of $35 to acquire 14 tables for both PS3 and PS Vita. Is this a bargain compared to buying the actual pinball tables or going to your local pinball arcade if you have one?