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[UPDATE] Telltale Games says The Walking Dead Episode 3 coming “VERY soon”

Submitted by on Tuesday, 28 August 2012No Comment

Our interest is officially peaked as to how soon Telltale Games expects Episode 3 of the extremely gripping The Walking Dead series to release on PSN. Could it come as early as tomorrow, or maybe next week? Only time will tell in this case.

Another interesting Twitter bomb comes from Telltale Games informing followers that they do in fact expect the third episode to come very soon. They have unleashed a single image on the Twitter, as the kids call it.

Its not terribly uncommon that a video trailer follows a game announcement like this. It appears IGN got the drop on video for The Walking Dead Episode 3 – Long Road Ahead. In it, the tale of a little girl will lead the group down the train tracks toward impending doom. Too soon?

Just take a look at the trailer and draw your own conclusions. Remember, choices you’ve made in Episodes 1 & 2 will effect your gameplay experience in Episode 3 and beyond.

Maybe you jumped onto the Walking Dead train when it first pulled into the station or when it was free for PS Plus, which is coming to an end as September brings Borderlands to our US Instant Game Collection. Whatever the case, do you think this series is something everyone should be playing right now or should newbies to the series hold out for the inevitable Blu-ray release?

Updated: August 28, 2012

According to IGN, Episode 3 will be out today in North America when the PlayStation Store updates. It is in the submission process for EU and should be expected soon so long as there are no hiccups in the process. $4.99 for the episode, free if you already paid $19.99 for the five episode bundle.