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Tomba! en route to the EU PlayStation Store

Submitted by on Thursday, 2 August 2012No Comment

Tomba! was confirmed by MonkeyPaw Games to be headed to the EU PlayStation Store very soon. In fact, “sooner than you think”, according to MonkeyPaw’s latest flurry of Twitter postings. We also received confirmation on the actual title since the game was uniquely titled in each region.

The initial announcement was posted to MonkeyPaw Games’ Twitter account this week. Obviously aimed at getting Europeans excited for the delayed re-release of a 15 year old game. Did it work? Are you waiting with bated breath to get your monkey paws on Tomba in Europe?

PS3 Attitude has a healthy Tomba review available for your reading pleasure. The PS one classic looks fantastic with all its bright colors and snappy 2D/3D platforming. The sheer amount of fun to be had from the unique missions more than merits a download for anyone wanting to get back into it, or into it for the first time.

MonkeyPaw fielded many questions through their Twitter announcement, one of which was about when Tomba! can be expected to ship.

We also hit them up ourselves to find out what a lot of Europeans have been curious to know: Tomba! or Tombi!? Whether this is the answer you were expecting or not, MonkeyPaw graciously responded with “Tomba! (USA version).”

We’re curious to know, is Tomba the kind of game you would wait patiently for or impatiently download from an American account?