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Uncharted 3 mega patch 1.13 taunts us with… new taunts

Submitted by on Thursday, 9 August 2012No Comment

Naughty Dog has released patch 1.13 for Uncharted 3, the game’s biggest ever patch which they have affectionately named Godzilla.

The patch includes a variety of things but the headline attraction seems to be the inclusion of a Tournament Mode, both for the fun it brings and the criticism that the tickets microtransaction scheme has brought.

Tournament Mode is a points-based competition with three reward tiers, the rewards being special weapons or items based on how well you’ve managed to plunder treasures, get headshots and casually backflip over your opponent’s corpse. Once you’ve unlocked a weapon or item, you are able to use it until the next tournament period and the game tells you when that is.

You’ll be given 10 tickets each tournament period or you can buy them on the PlayStation Store in set amounts including 10, 20, 50 and 200 tickets.

If you don’t fancy reading the entire article, the video below talks about what’s included in the patch:

In short, “herp derp *looks at shirts* are we talking about the right game?”

For those of you who prefer to read, read on.

New DLC will be introduced through PS Store updates starting from 14 August and these can be unlocked through reaching the required in-game levels, completing specific treasure sets or by buying them on the store if you want to acquire them right away.

There will be 137 pieces of unique DLC that are added but you can have a look at a handful of Naughty Dog’s favourites in the trailer below:

The Lab is seeing the addition of black mesh maps, maps that have been stripped to their bare-bones and are made of coloured block mesh. Naughty Dog are hoping to add a new layer of unpredictable and distinct gameplay that Uncharted fans will love.

Other things included in the patch are weapon tweaks, glitch fixes, etc, all of which can be viewed on the Naughty Dog blog.

The team at PS3 Attitude can be regularly found on the game as we are big fans of Nathan Drake’s adventures and frankly, without it we’d be sweating like a hooker in Church.

Will this patch entice you to revisit the world of Drake and friends or do you feel that the introduction of microtransactions is one last cash-in attempt before they focus on The Last of Us? Whatever your thoughts, share them with us in the usual place below.