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Unlock items in Darksiders II by playing Darksiders

Submitted by on Wednesday, 1 August 2012No Comment

With the upcoming release of Darksiders II, THQ has announced that players who have played the original Darksiders will be able to unlock two special items in the game; a piece of armor and a weapon.

As detailed on the official Darksiders II blog, players who played any portion of Darksiders will unlock the Pauldron of the Horsemen, a level 5 legendary armor piece that boosts all Death’s stats as well as his critical damage. Players who have completed Darksiders on any difficulty will unlock the Chaos Fang, a level 1 legendary scythe for Death, boosting his damage and critical damage.

Simply having a save on your system won’t be enough to unlock the special equipment, either. The item unlocks are based on the achievements/trophies you have unlocked so you’ll actually have to beat the game in order to get the scythe. No worries, you still have a few weeks left to finish Darksiders before II is released.