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Three new multiplayer modes coming to Resident Evil 6 post-launch

Submitted by on Tuesday, 11 September 2012No Comment

Capcom has confirmed that three new multiplayer modes; Survivors, Predator and Siege, will be coming to Resident Evil 6 sometime after its launch on October 2. No firm release date is given but survival horror fans can expect plenty of Resident Evil 6 in the coming months.

Survivors Mode adds a twist to the classic versus gameplay by allowing you to respawn as an enemy when you are killed. If you then manage to kill two human characters, you can resurrect as a human once again. The last human standing wins it all.

Predator Mode has one player taking on the role of the Ustanak, the fearsome B.O.W. that stalks Jake Muller, and is tasked with eliminating everyone else. Other players must simply survive before the time runs out or, for the risk taking type, try and take out the Ustanak.

Lastly, Siege Mode has the human side protecting a single NPC for the duration of the match against the oncoming enemy. If you’re playing as the enemy side, it’s your mission to take down that NPC.

All three of these new multiplayer online modes will support up to six players and can be played on any of the Mercenaries Mode multiplayer maps. Like everything else from Resident Evil 6, stats and achievements can be tracked using the recently announced ResidentEvil.Net service.

Capcom also mentioned in the press release that further DLC will be made available down the road for new maps for Mercenaries Mode (that will be compatible with all other multiplayer modes as well) and “other items yet to be announced.”

Resident Evil 6 launches worldwide on October 2.