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Pro Pinball needs our help; Kickstarter ends in 6 days

Submitted by on Friday, 28 September 2012No Comment

Those privileged enough to remember Pro Pinball and their four classic tables are likely to have already contributed to Silverball Studios Kickstarter. For the rest of us, just know that they have put together some impressive software technology in an effort to not only revise and refresh the original four Pro Pinball tables, but create some new tables.

Upon reviewing the Pro Pinball Kickstarter project you will be confronted with a ton of information to read. So allow us to extract and summarize the important bits from all the fan service. Silverball Studios needs a whopping $400,000 to reach their goal to fund a brand new Pro Pinball table for PC, Mac, iOS, XBLA, PS3, PS Vita, Linux and Android.

Pat Lawlor, designer of such classics as the Addams Family, Twilight Zone, and Medieval Madness pinball tables, has joined forces with Silverball Studios to assist in the design process of a table he says is not possible in a conventional pinball table. Since the Pro Pinball products will be coming to two PlayStation branded consoles in a list of so many we must try to help them anyway we can.

Another pinball icon joining forces with Silverball Studios and Pat Lawlor is John Youssi, the backglass artist for the same three tables Lawlor was accredited for above. If you pledge a measly $5,000 you can have your face on the backglass of the next pinball table. Pledge $2,500 to have Youssi make a drawing of you. Or pledge $10,000 to have lunch with Lawlor, Youssi, and Adrian Berrit in Chicago (does not include your air fare). There is already one out of three $10k pledges.

They also intend to fund the restoration of the original four Pro Pinball tables: Time Shock, Big Race USA, Fantastic Journey, and The Web. The first table to arrive would be Time Shock in February 2013, with each of the other tables to release one at a time in two month increments. The newly designed Pat Lawlor table would be released in October 2013. That is also when all the Kickstarter rewards would arrive, except the first two which are awarded this year.

The tech demo above showcases the amazing lighting work developer Silverball Studios has in store for a work-in-progress called Timeshock. Let us know in the comments section if you become one of the Pro Pinball backers.