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Sony should be ‘more aggressive’ at looking for cross-platform games, says Yoshida

Submitted by on Sunday, 23 September 20128 Comments

Sony should be “more aggressive” going forward when looking for opportunities to bring games to both PS3 and PS Vita platforms, says the president of Sony Worldwide Studios.

In an interview with Wired, Shuhei Yoshida discussed the process of bringing PS3 titles to PS Vita, saying it “takes a couple of months” but the additional cost and time involved in having two versions is “not really that significant” due to the similarity of the systems.

He cites positive feedback from players as the reason why we’re likely to see more cross-platform games in the future: “In the past we had this unwritten rule that games had to be made for one platform, but now people are embracing the idea of having the same game across different devices.”

If a company not have the resources to do a PS Vita version, Sony can help find a team that are more specialised in making games for the system. Yoshida doesn’t give an example, but Nihilistic Software stepping in to make the PS Vita versions of Call of Duty and Resistance are likely examples of this happening.

Elsewhere in the Q&A session, Yoshida doesn’t rule out the possibility of 3D games arriving on PS Vita. While the company has not tested it, he does say the OLED screen is “brilliant at avoiding interference” and that stereoscope 3D games look beautiful on the Sony OLED TV.

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