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Table Packs coming to The Pinball Arcade in both NA and EU

Submitted by on Tuesday, 4 September 2012No Comment

Few titles come to Europe before North America, and unfortunately fans of The Pinball Arcade, this will be the case for all the table packs. The light at the end of this tunnel is that FarSight Studios is changing gears now and readying our fine territories for an onslaught of new content.

FarSight Studios, the highly talented team behind The Pinball Arcade and the Pinball Hall of Fame games, has an excited next couple of months ahead of them. Starting with the North American release of Table Pack 3 for PS3 and Vita. Table Pack 3 will include Gorgar and Monster Bash for $4.99 as a Cross Buy, meaning you pay once to get both versions.

19 September is when Europe will finally see their first DLC with Table Pack 1. It will include Medieval Madness and Bride of Pinbot in one download for PS3 and another for Vita. Since this is your first add-on table pack, there will likely be a title update to go with it, but that has been neither confirmed nor denied.

25 September, North America will receive Table Pack 4 which includes Black Knight and Creature From the Black Lagoon. Another $4.99 add-on for both PS3 and Vita in one purchase. This will be the case will all these packs and should be the case in all territories.

3 October, Europe gets its flippers flapping in Cirqus Voltaire and Funhouse, both featured in Table Pack 2. North America received the first two packs more than a month ago, and today will see a title patch that will enable trophies for all. We await confirmation on this trophy patch for EU.

This is probably the best part of all this. Both Table Pack 3 and 4 will also see an October release so long as there are no hiccups in the submission process of EU. Again, pack 3 will have Gorgar and Monster Bash on 17 October, and pack 4 will come with Black Knight and Creature From the Black Lagoon on 31 October.

In other Pinball Arcade news, table pack 5 will include Harley Davidson Third Edition and Taxi. The Star Trek: The Next Generation table Kickstarter needs only $4000 additional to meet its goal of $45k with just 12 days to go, while there is no update on The Twilight Zone table, first Kickstarter they have since completed; the two are likely to be together in a table pack.

FarSight Studios has also revealed that No Good Gophers! will be included in Table Pack 6. No Good Gophers was included in the Pinball Hall of Fame: Williams Collection for PS3, though we’re told this time around there were many improvements made to the table and the physics.

Europe may have been waiting for what seems like ever to not only get The Pinball Arcade on PS3/Vita, but now these table packs. You got to hand it to FarSight Studios for aligning all the packs in such a perfect release pattern. So, EU, are you ready to get some table packs or has the wait simply been too unbearable?