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Top 5 awesome videogame inspired videos (Warning: Mature content)

Submitted by on Tuesday, 25 September 2012No Comment

So, you’ve downloaded the YouTube app for PS3, Vita, and smartphones. What next? For starters, the app for smartphones can be used as a remote to control YouTube on PS3. But you need to find some cool videos or channels. We’re fixen to remedy that with this, five awesome YouTube videos inspired by videogames.

Whether or not you frequent video hosting sites like YouTube, I’m sure you’ve had a friend share a funny or cool link with you on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. I’ve been receiving lots of great links myself and I thought I’d put them together in one handy place for others to enjoy.

This list is comprised of just five videos inspired by a specific game or genre. Some are side-splittingly funny, some are action packed, and some are part of a larger series where more episodes can be watched.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at five very awesome videogame inspired YouTube videos:

5. WKUK Call of Duty (Mature Language)

Genre: Comedy

First up is this little gem using one of the most popular military first-person shooters in the world as its source material. When WKUK made this video, I don’t think they had any idea how popular CoD would become. But from 2009, this comedy sketch has continued to make me laugh.

Maybe it’s Debeers oversized dimples, or his obnoxious yelling even while talking to his teammates through the headset, but it doesn’t let up all the way to the end. The message in this clip is clear, war is serious. Don’t ask your mom to make a sandwich or answer the phone when you’re trying to plan a military push for map domination.

4. Angry Birds Peace Treaty (Mature language)

Genre: Political Comedy

This Angry Birds sketch is one that many have seen, but not enough. Everyone needs to watch this at least once given that everyone is likely to have played Angry Birds at least once. And if you have never played Angry Birds, we’d like to know what’s been keeping you away?

The Angry Birds Trilogy is coming to PS3 in a few days. This is your chance to play three of the deepest puzzle games from smartphone platforms ported to consoles with the oh-so important trophies. Additionally, Rovio felt that there is sufficient consumer demand to go forward with the table turning

3. Battlefield Friends (Mature language and cartoon violence)

Genre: Comedy, Military Conflict

By far, one of my favorite video series on YouTube because it’s all too true. Battlefield 3, and most online games in general, are filled with the¬†archetypal¬†characters depicted in Battlefield Friends. These episodes mostly center around “the noob”, the guy who is newest to the world of Battlefield 3 online. He is extremely eager and at the same time a terrible listener. Opposite “the noob” are characters from each class in Battlefield 3: engineer, assault, support, and recon. Several of the other episodes in the series will address certain misunderstands that “the noob” has about the different classes, weapons, and vehicles in the game.

He just doesn’t seem to understand the rules of the game. Have you run into this guy in an online battle before? Maybe it wasn’t even in Battlefield 3. Which game did you meet “the noob?”

2. Mortal Kombat: Legacy (Rated: TVMA)

Genre: Action

This one became so popular that it was actually released on Blu-ray. Mortal Kombat: Legacy shows the staying power of the franchise and how a simple fan-made movie could become a well engineered service to even the most diehard fans. Episode 4 is the first of two to explain the background of Mileena and Kitana, and features other well known characters like Baraka, as well as lesser known characters like Jared. See if you notice the reference to a certain MK game’s subtitle in the narrator’s dialogue.

This is just one episode out of the nine in the first series. Mortal Kombat: Legacy can be purchased on Blu-ray from Amazon for less than $10, which not only gets you the whole first season in HD, but also supports the creator’s future endeavors. So what could possibly be better than a show that made it onto Blu-ray?

1. Video Game High School (Mature language, violence, and depictions of blood)

Genre: Dramedy

By far, the best depiction of videogames in a YouTube video series goes to Video Game High School. This first episode is where you’ll need to start and it will likely hook you into watching the rest. It features amazing effects, really good acting from seemingly regular people, and has a scene which is essential #5 on this list. VGHS is all that, and more!

Now that you’ve watched five really awesome videogame inspired videos from the best of YouTube, I’d like to know if you have any favorite videos? Is there a particular video that should have been on this list or one that you feel should not have make the top five? Sound off in the comments section below…