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3G/Wi-Fi Vita comes to Canada on 2 October

Submitted by on Wednesday, 12 September 2012No Comment

Just in case you thought everyone was loving (or hating) their 3G Vita’s in their respective countries/territories, that’s not entirely possible. Canada has been without a 3G equipped oval gaming marvel, but that’s all going to change come 2 October when it legally crosses their borders.

Canada is getting a pretty sweet deal for their patience according to the US PlayStation Blog. The Vita will be priced at the expected $299 and comes bundled with two sweet games. Both Gravity Rush and Unit 13 are critically acclaimed and will come as download vouchers.

What’s more, since the Vita will be 3G equipped, Rogers is providing the month-to-month data packages. If you’re at all familiar with the way data is sold to an iPad or Android with 3G, then you will understand how it will likely work on the Vita. Though, as of now there is no official word on what the data plan offerings will be.

Rogers’ “on device plans” for the iPad and iPad 2 will carry over to the 3G/Wi-Fi Vita with two data plans to choose from: $15 for 250 MB or $35 for 5 GB. These on device plans are inline with AT&T’s data plans for Vita in the US. The only difference being that AT&T only offers a max 2 GB data plan for $25.

Mansell Nelson, Vice-President Machine to Machine (M2M) at Rogers, says this about the new device:

Canadians want to live connected lives, and we are enabling another world-leading internet experience through working with Sony to deliver the next mobile gaming innovation to Canadians. By powering wireless connectivity, we will enhance mobile gaming through delivering a convenient and seamless experience to hundreds of thousands of PlayStation Vita users across Canada.

To find out more about what Vita can do with a 3G network, check out AT&T’s Vita data plan announcement page on the matter. We’d like to know how many of our Canadian readers are likely to get the 3G Vita on day one?